Australian made Padlock Protection
highest security rated locking system
and insurance approved

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November 17, 2018
guaranteed by the Australian manufacturer until

November 17, 2028

that is a 10 year warranty

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1  Steel Shroud will last a life-time.

2  Claims procedure.

3  Guarantee does not include.

4  Other products and/or services you maybe interested in.

5  What to do next.

1: Steel Shroud will last a life-time.

The Australian made Steel Shroud will last a life-time, no doubt longer, but as the manufacturer we have to be realistic with the guarantee we give our clients.

Made from high quality Steel and manufactured using the latest CNC machining technology, this ensures the highest quality of workmanship and precise measurements.

Due to these facts we, the Australian manufacturer, give each purchaser a 10 year warranty for each Steel Shroud from the date of purchase for the original purchaser.

If the Steel Shroud cracks due to faulty Steel or workmanship we will replace it free of charge.


Our guarantee is only for the original purchaser and the original purchase invoice / receipt or a copy of must be presented for a warranty claim. This is to prove original ownership.


2: Claims procedure.


3. This guarantee DOES NOT INCLUDE.

  1. Oxidation that may occur on the Steel Shroud if the zinc plating on it is damaged by any method.
  2. If the Steel Shroud has been cut with any type of non-powered or powered cutting tool.
  3. If the Steel Shroud is damaged by any other method.
  4. If you change your mind.
  5. If sold to a third party our guarantee is null and void for the new owner.

We do not guarantee...

Purchased with each Australian made Steel Shroud other than Australia's mandatory 6 months warranty from the date your order was posted.


We buy the Padlock and High Tensile Chain from other companies and those companies do not give a written guarantee on the above listed items.

The above warranty was last updated on January 12, 2005. We reserve the right to modify or change the wording of the above warranty without notice at any time.

Customised Padlock and both ends of the 10mm diameter High Tensile Chain secured inside the Steel Shroud.


4: Other products and/or services you maybe interested in.

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5: What to do next.


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